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Back in stock- Piraya Piranha and Baby Red bellys
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Latest Stock Updates
1. L-200 Green Phantom Pleco 5"-6" (Hemiancistrus Subviridis)
2. Royal Pleco L-190 5"-6" (Panaque nigrolineatus)
3. L-128 Blue Phantom Pleco 5"-6" (Hemiancistrus sp.)
4. Leopardus Pleco L-114 3"(Pseudacanthicus leopardus
5. Tarpon 2"-3" (Megalops Cyprinoides)
6. Fahaka Puffer 1"-1.5" (Tetraodon Lineatus)
7. African Pike 4"-5" (Hesetus Odoe)
8. Blue Mahseer 2"-3" (Neolissochilus stracheyi)
9. African Lung Fish 6"-8" (Protopterus annectens)
10. Long Nose Gar 6"-8" (Lepisosteus osseus)
11. Alligator Gar 4" (Atractosteus Spatula)
12. Indo Datnoid 2"-2.5" (Datnioides microlepis)
13. Leopard bush fish 3"-4" (Ctenopoma Acutirostre)
14. Real Parrot Cichlid 6"-7" (Hoplarchus Psittacus)
15. Purple Rose Queen Cichlid 6"
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What's New
1. Electric Blue Acara Cichlid 4-5" (Andinoacara Pulcher)
2. Irritans Piranha 2"-3" (Serrasalmus Irritans)
3. Caribe Piranha 5"-6" (pygocentrus notatus)
4. Piraya Piranha 5"-6" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
5. Geophagus Albino Heckelii 2" (Acarichthys Heckelii sp.)
6. Geophagus Albino Heckelii 4" (Acarichthys Heckelii sp.)
7. Leptobotia Pellegrini 6-7" (Leptobotia Pellegrini)
8. Tire Track Eel 4-5" (Masacembelus armatus)
9. Freshwater Flounder 2" (Archirus lineatus)
10. Viel Tail Oscar 4" (Astronotus ocellatus)
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Product Reviews
fwf piranha serra diam gold 6 - Gold Diamond Piranha 6.5-7" (Serrasalmus Rombeus)
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Number of reviews : 11
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  Beautiful Gold Diamond
John - Allentown PA   (Tuesday, January 19, 2016)

I have been keeping Piranhas for over 10 years. I have ordered from aquascape about 9 years ago, they were great then, and they are great now! Amazing! Shipped to my job so I could sign, kept fish in box in office for warmth till I went home. The fish was packaged amazingly. Used a plastic container to keep the fish from biting the bag, I let the bag sit in the tank for 10 minutes, and released the fish. No signs of sedation or stress from the shipping. The fish ate the tank mates within 24 hours. Very pleased, the ABSOLUTE BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Thanks! This was a 4-4.5 inch Gold Diamond Rhom. It was that length on arrival.

  4' - 5' Gold Diamond Rhom
Nick - USA   (Tuesday, July 26, 2011)

Just got mine in this morning,has been out in the open all day,trys to finger chase me through the glass but is still a little scared.Very pretty rohm with a slight hue of gold,i am really surprised at how bold this fish is,once again Pedro and Nicole did an outstanding job!!!

  gold diamond
Jeff - USA   (Saturday, January 31, 2009)

beautiful fish, arrived healthy and un-stressed

  Gold Diamond Rhom
Mickey - Diamond Rhom   (Friday, December 19, 2008)

This fish is AMAZING. I have a 150 gallon with 7 Caribe, 2 Blacks, 1 elong, 1 Gold rhom, 1 Hollandi all living together and amzing tank... all fish from Aquascape I would use no other. Thanks Bong!

  gold diamond rhom
Mike - extremely impressed   (Wednesday, September 03, 2008)

Pedro, I am extremely impressed with this 4inch rhom. I'm gonna get rid of my redbellies and buy another. thank you

  Gold Diamond Rhom
Mike - Mike   (Tuesday, June 05, 2007)

The 3' Gold Diamond Rhom came this morning. It looks great and has already eaten 2 feeders. He is not shy at all. Thanks for the great customer service.

  Gold Diamond Rhom
Brent - U.S.   (Wednesday, May 02, 2007)

very beatiful fish. have had for few months now. at first kinda skiddish, but is becoming less everyday. amazing colors, and aggression. very happy, thanks.

  the bessssssssst
tan - rc   (Wednesday, April 04, 2007)

this fish so amazing! finally, chase my finger around my tank and kill the feeder in front of me first arrive, beautiful i'm gona get any fish beside these diamond killer. thanks to alex and staff, soon i get a new tank i'll order more

nadeem - happy   (Saturday, September 09, 2006)

u will definitly be happy with this fish its very beautiful

  Gold Diamond Rhom
Shane Shelton - Oak Ridge TN   (Wednesday, August 30, 2006)

At first I was hesitant to pay that much for a piranha but I will say you get what you pay for. My fish was aggressive right out of the package. Aqua Scape is number one in my book! Give them a chance and you will see!!

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