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Back in stock- Caribe Piranha, Irritan Piranha, Goliath Tiger Fish, PIRAYA SPECIAL 150.00 at 3.5
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Latest Stock Updates
1. Muda Piranha 2" (Serrasalmus Muda)
2. Caribe Piranha 3"-4" (pygocentrus notatus)
3. Red High fin Wolf Fish 3"-5"
4. Elongatus Piranha 3"-4" (Serrasalmus Elongatus)
5. Elongatus black mask 6"-7" (Serrasalmus Elongatus)
6. Granulated Catfish (Pterodoras Granulosus) 3"
7. Ageneiosus Marmoratus 8-9""
8. 3" Duck Bill Catfish (Ageneiosus Atronasus)
9. New Guinea Datnoid 10"-11" (Datnoides Campbelli)
10. Red Belly piranha .75"-1" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
11. Gold Diamond Piranha 4" (Serrasalmus Rhombeus)
12. Wallago Leerii 3"
13. Exodons 2"-3" (Exodon paradoxus)
14. 4"-5" Peppermint Crocodile Fish (Luciocephalus aura)
15. Tarpon 6"-8" (Megalops Cyprinoides)
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What's New
1. African Tiger Fish 3"-4" (Hydrocynus Goliath)
2. Black Diamond Piranha 5 - 5.5" (Serrasalmus Rombeus)
3. Black Diamond Piranha 4-5" (Serrasalmus Rombeus)
4. Black Diamond Piranha 5.5-6" (Serrasalmus Rombeus)
5. Electric Blue Acara Cichlid 4-5" (Andinoacara Pulcher)
6. Irritans Piranha 4"-5" (Serrasalmus Irritans)
7. Caribe Piranha 5"-6" (pygocentrus notatus)
8. Piraya Piranha 5"-6" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
9. Geophagus Albino Heckelii 2" (Acarichthys Heckelii sp.)
10. Geophagus Albino Heckelii 4" (Acarichthys Heckelii sp.)
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Product Reviews
fwf catfish oddballs devil cat - Goonch Catfish 4"-4.5" (bagarius yarrelli)
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Number of reviews : 10
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jake - chicago   (Thursday, August 11, 2016)

ive had a goonch for a while hes about 16' now and the only thing you need to know is to keep him well fed and that he is very territorial

  Goonch cats.
Matt - NNJ   (Thursday, November 07, 2013)

Great cats the ones in are the highlands giants out of northen india (the ones seen on river monsters) they are very difficult to care for and require good water parameters.

omar - newyork   (Tuesday, July 12, 2011)

hey, can you guys please send me an email when this is back in stock.

  how bigg??
i don know - usa   (Sunday, February 13, 2011)

HOw big do these guys get???

  Devil Catfish
Brandon - USA   (Monday, December 20, 2010)

hey, can you guys please send me an email when this is back in stock.

  The Devil
Egon - Phoenix AZ   (Tuesday, February 09, 2010)

I just picked one up a month ago. Just wow! Unbelievably fast and powerful. Mine is only 6 inches. I keep it alone in a 125 with no heater and fast moving water. It eats anything I drop into the water! I can't wait till he gets bigger :)

  bagarius badassarus
fishpimp - massachsetts   (Tuesday, October 24, 2006)

once they get ten inches start shopping for a bigger tank these guys get huge fast they eat just about anything they can fit in thier mouth awesome fish

shoj - london   (Monday, May 08, 2006)

devil catfish truly the best catfish
with teeth trust me the catfish to have

shoj - london   (Friday, April 28, 2006)

can you please send me sum info about thish fish coz i have one and he is growing very fast

mike gruber - arizona   (Monday, November 07, 2005)

these blow any catfish away....better than any south my opinion. a must have!

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