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Back in stock- Caribe Piranha, Irritan Piranha, Goliath Tiger Fish, PIRAYA SPECIAL 150.00 at 3.5
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Latest Stock Updates
1. Exodons 2"-3" (Exodon paradoxus)
2. 4"-5" Peppermint Crocodile Fish (Luciocephalus aura)
3. Electric Blue Jack Dempsey 2.5"-3" (Nandopis Octofasciatus)
4. Tarpon 6"-8" (Megalops Cyprinoides)
5. African Pike 4"-5" (Hesetus Odoe)
6. Fahaka Puffer 1"-1.5" (Tetraodon Lineatus)
7. Red High fin Wolf Fish 5"
8. Blue Diamond Rhom 4" (Serrasalmus Rhombues)
9. Caribe Piranha 2"-3" (pygocentrus notatus)
10. Red Belly piranha 1.5"-2" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
11. Wild Oscars 1"-1.5 (Astronotus ocellatus) Columbia
12. Red Belly piranha 3" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
13. Clouded Archer 2.5"-3" (Toxotes blythii)
14. Blue Lobster 2" (Procambarus Alleni)
15. L-144 Albino Long Fin Bushynose Pleco 2.5"-3" (Ancistrus sp.)
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What's New
1. African Tiger Fish 3"-4" (Hydrocynus Goliath)
2. Black Diamond Piranha 5 - 5.5" (Serrasalmus Rombeus)
3. Black Diamond Piranha 4-5" (Serrasalmus Rombeus)
4. Black Diamond Piranha 5.5-6" (Serrasalmus Rombeus)
5. Electric Blue Acara Cichlid 4-5" (Andinoacara Pulcher)
6. Irritans Piranha 4"-5" (Serrasalmus Irritans)
7. Caribe Piranha 5"-6" (pygocentrus notatus)
8. Piraya Piranha 5"-6" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
9. Geophagus Albino Heckelii 2" (Acarichthys Heckelii sp.)
10. Geophagus Albino Heckelii 4" (Acarichthys Heckelii sp.)
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Product Reviews
fwf odd afr tiger golia - African Tiger Fish 2"-2.5" (Hydrocynus Goliath)
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  WOW this thing is FAST
Ryan - Louisiana   (Monday, August 19, 2013)

The fish came flawless as always
But they are soo skittish at first. You really need to leave them alone and let them settle in for a few days. Mine lives with a florida softshell turtle, a wolf fish, arowana, and oscar and they all get along fine
This fish can get from one end of the tank to the other in like 0 seconds

  Goliath Tiger Fish
Mark - California   (Saturday, April 06, 2013)

Although I did not get mine thru aquascape, they are Absolutly amazing fish strong quick an aggressive, but should not be placed in a heavy traffic part of the since they can be quite skiddish to any quick movements

  tiger fish
zack - USA   (Friday, June 08, 2012)

great fish. i bought this fish from aquascape about a year ago. the only 'complain' i have is that it turned out being a vittatus tiger fish not a goliath tiger fish. so i did pay a little more money than i should have spent for this fish. but other than that its a cool fish. very active and from my experience does not grow fast.

Dexter and Troy - Colorado   (Monday, May 16, 2011)

A week ago we purchased a GTF from Aquascape. The fish arrived in perfect condition and in a prompt fashion. The packaging was beyond acceptable. The fish arrived very healthy and was eating right after acclimation. The staff at Aquascape were wonderful and very knowlegeable...especially Nichole. She was very willing to help with all the questions we had. Because of her and the vast amount of top quality fish and wonderful service are the reasons we will shop with Aquascape for all of our exotic fish needs. WE LOVE AQUASCAPE!

  tiger fish
Goliath tiger fish man - colorado   (Wednesday, November 11, 2009)

I have not ordered a tiger fish through aqua scape but have a 6' one in my tank. they are super cool fish and looove to eat. and surprisingly get along with most fish its size

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