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Wolf Fish 6"-8" (Hoplias Malabaricus) (fwf oddball wolf 7)

Wolf Fish 6"-8" (Hoplias Malabaricus)

Common name: Wolf Fish  

Species name: Hoplias malabaricus Synonym: Hoplias malabaricus  

Family: Erythrinidae Maximum size: Up to 20"  

Environment: Freshwater  

Origin: Central and South America Temperament: Very Aggressive Company: Hoplias malabaricus (Wolf Fish) Must be kept with fish of there same size, anything that can fit in there mouth will be food.  Best kept with Aggressive to semi Aggressive fish. Water parameters: Temperature 77F; pH 6.5 8.0  

Aquarium setup: Hoplias malabaricus (Wolf Fish) needs large aquariums. The aquarium should be decorated with plenty of hiding places that are big enough for the fish. Floating plants and dimmed lighting is preferred. A dark bottom substrate can also be beneficial.  

Feeding: Hoplias malabaricus (Wolf Fish) are extremely easy to feed as they will try to eat anything that fits into their mouth. They should only be fed meaty foods.  Feeder fish, Frozen shrimp, and anything else they can fit in there mouth.  


Breeding: Hoplias malabaricus (Wolf Fish) can be bred in large aquariums. They are very productive and one spawning can result in over 10,000 fry. The fry is very aggressive and predatory and have to be sorted according to size to prevent them from eathing and killing each other. The fry grow very fast and can reach 1 foot in just over 6 months.  

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