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Motoro StingRay 8"-9" (Potomotygon Motoro) (fwf stingray motoro 5-6)

Motoro StingRay 8"-9" (Potomotygon Motoro)

Motoro stingrays like most other rays are found in the waters of South America in the Amazon Basin.  They are scavengers and will eat any bite size morsels they come accross.  They are excelent hunters that feed in the daytime and night time.  There diet is made up of bugs, worms, shrimp and small fish that try to take shelter under there disk.  Like most rays the Motoro will borrow its body completely under the gravel or sand with only its eyes sticking out.  

Best viewed in HD. (Click Play, bottom right hand side of video, click on settings, click HD)


Motoros are very hardy and do very well in the home aquarium.  They are a great begginer ray with little requirements.  They like a PH of 6.0 and soft water.  They will accept any food that is offered to them and are known to come up to the owners hand to feed.  They have a nice personality and will allow the owner to pet them.


Best viewed in HD. (Click Play, bottom right hand side of video, click on settings, click HD)

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