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1. ~5" Hybrid Stingray Female 042 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
2. ~5" Hybrid Female Stingray 038 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
3. ~5" Hybrid Stingray Male 037(Potamotrygon Sp.)
4. ~5" Hybrid Stingray Male 036 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
5. ~5" Hybrid Stingray Female 035 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
6. 4"-5" Hybrid Male Stingray 034 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
7. 5"-6" Pearl x Mantilla Hybrid Female Stingray 030 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
8. Polypterus Senegalus longfin shortbody albino 3.5"-4" (Polypterus senegalus)
9. Violet Line Piranha 6"-7"(Serrasalmus Geryi)
10. Red Belly piranha 1.5"-2" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
11. Red Belly piranha 2"-3" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
12. RoseLine Shark 3"-4" (Puntius Denisonii)
13. Pellegrini Geophagus (Yellow Head) 3"-3.5" (Geophagus Pellegrini)
14. Cupid Cichlid 3"-4"(Biotodoma cupido)
15. Strawberry Peacock Cichlid 3"-4"
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1. Indo Datnoid 5" (Datnioides microlepis)
2. Indo Datnoid 2" (Datnioides microlepis)
3. Black Diamond Piranha Xingu River 6"-7"
4. Black Piranha Xingu River 6"-7"
5. Marble Motoro Stingray 5" (Potomotygon Motoro)
6. Pearl Stingray Male 4"-5" 041
7. Pearl Stingray Female 4"-5" 040
8. Pearl Stingray Male 4"-5" 039
9. Gold Diamond Piranha 4"-5" (Serrasalmus Rhombeus)
10. Wolf Fish 9"-10" (Hoplias Malabaricus)
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You are at : all > Aquatic Live stock > Fresh Water Fish > Plecos > L-25 Scarlet pleco (NEW)

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L-25 Super Red Scarlet Pleco 9" (7 POINTERS)

(fwf pleco L-25)

The colors on this Pleco are amazing.  Some of the nicest we have seen.

Our Price: $350.00
L-25 Super Red Scarlet Pleco 9" (7 POINTERS)

L-25 Double Red Scarlet Pleco 9"-10" (Sao do Felix)

(fwf pleco L-25 Sao do Felix)

The colors on this Pleco are amazing.  Some of the nicest we have seen.

Actual fish for sale

Our Price: $400.00
L-25 Double Red Scarlet Pleco 9"-10" (Sao do Felix)

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