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Red Belly Piranha are now available!!
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Latest Stock Updates
1. Violet Line Piranha 5" (Serrasalmus Geryi)
2. Black Devil Wyckii Cat 10"-12" (Hemibagrus wyckii)
3. L-02 Clown Pleco 1.5"-2"
4. Snowball Pleco LDA-33 2"-3" (Baryancistrus sp)
5. Wide Bar/ Blue Hooks 4"-5" (Myleus Schomburgki)
6. L-128 Blue Phantom Pleco 6" (Hemiancistrus sp.)
7. Red Terror Cichlid 3"-4" (Wild)(Amphilophus festae )
8. Additional OddBall Fish In Stock
9. Wallago Leerii 16"-18"
10. Black Wolf Fish 5" (hoplias curupira)
11. Heckel Discus 4"
12. Jardini Arowana 5"-6" (Scleropages Jardini)
13. Gulper Cat 5"-6" (Asterophysus batrachus)
14. Green Terror Cichlid 3"-4" (Wild from Ecuador)
15. Red Belly piranha .75"-1" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
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What's New
1. Peacock Bass 2" (Cichla intermedia)
2. Gold Wolffish 4"-5" (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus)
3. Gold Wolffish 3"-4" (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus)
4. Black Wolf Fish 10"-12" (hoplias curupira)
5. Black Wolf Fish 9"-10" (hoplias curupira)
6. Wild Oscars 2"-3" (Astronotus ocellatus) Columbian
7. Violet Line Piranha 5" (Serrasalmus Geryi)
8. African Arowana 4"-4.5" (Heterotis niloticus)
9. Red Spilo 3"-4" (Serrasalmus Sanchezi)
10. Purple Spilo 5"-6" (Serrasamlus Sanchezi)
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Product Reviews
FwF Piranha pygo Ternetzi 6 - Ternetzi Piranha 6"-7" (pygocentrus Ternetzi)
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  A definite must have pygo
Jim William - NH   (Monday, November 13, 2006)

I agree 100% w/ the customer below. I've found a new interest for these ternetzi piranha. I currently own 4 tanks. 6 all piraya, 8 all caribe, a 9' rhombeus & an all terns tank, which range from 8-10' & have been raised from babies. I love all my fish, but theres just something about big terns...=)

Thanks aquascape!

  Terns OWN!!!
Omie - usa   (Monday, May 1, 2006)

I've had my 6 terns for about 8 mos now. They have grown from 2.5-3' to 8-10' beasts. They are not as skittish as any other piranha I've owned in the past & will devour anything I give them. I thought cariba were aggressive but man these guys are equal if not worse! Huge heads, huge appetites, huge jaws & teeth. Not to mention a great interactive personality. Oh, did I mention huge heads? What more can a piranha-lover ask for. Terns OWN!!!

  ternetzi piranha
mainbrown - USA   (Sunday, August 7, 2005)

i have 3 of these guys but came home from work 1 day and there was a half of a head left from 1 of the 3 so now i have 2 it is crazy 2 watch them grow i was shocked 2 see them eat 1 of their own wow!!! 8/7/05

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Baby Red Belly Piraha Bundle!!
10x .75"-1" Red Belly Piranha for $80.00!
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