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FwF Piranha Serra Elong blk 7 - Elongatus black mask 4"-5" (Serrasalmus Elongatus)
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Number of reviews : 31
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  Black Mask Elongatus Piranha
Zeke the Fishgeek - Chattavegas   (Friday, November 4, 2016)

I have owned my Elongate for about 11 months now. Bought it at 4' and now it's a SOLID 6'+ missile with interlocking razorblade teeth. I have it housed in a 48'x24'x24' 80 gallon 'breeder' type aquarium. I like it alot. It eats anything meaty, but loves live fish that I've quarantined for a couple of weeks at least. I usually gut load with good food about an hour before I feed them to the the Black Mask Elongate Piranha. I have lots of current in the aquarium and I keep my PH at about 6.4+/-. I keep the hardness low as well. It seems to like the Oak and Catappa leaves I add to the tank. I use a bit of peat moss in my aged tap water and mix it with rain water to get the chemistry where I want it to stay. Unfortunately, IMHO...only about 30% of these Pike Piranhas turn out to be the outgoing, aggressive finger chasers that everyone wants. It seems to help my Elongate's willingness to be outgoing and active by keeping a few other 'dither' type fish...especially if they are silver and shaped kind of like the Pike Piranha is as well. Large Tinfoil Barbs work great, but they are hard to find sometimes, and are never found for a decent price anymore. So...I have found that you can get some Large Shiner Minnows(4-6'+) at your local fishing tackle/live bait store that work just as well for the Piranhas's confidence as the Tinfoil Barbs. I quarantine my shiners for a good while, get them eating well, and introduce them into the 80 breeder at the same time, all at once. You need a steady supply going through the process of quarantine though, because my Elongate kills 2-3 per day by biting off the tail, then returning to remove about the rear 1/3 of the fish on the second strike. After it floats and can no longer swim, it's usually ignored and another one is targeted for the exact same, gruesome, two chomp, dismemberment offered by this missile with teeth. Their attitude also seems to get slightly more on the skittish side and they get a bit more flighty/spooky when the aquarium is due for a weekly partial water change. Once again, IMHO...It seems that a slightly higher nitrate level in the older water seems to have an adverse affect on mental stability/well-being on the majority of silver scaled fishes. African Tigerfish, Arowana, and others as well, seem to all have nitrate sensitivity problems. All in all, generally, I do really like the Serrasalmus elongatus far more than all the other species in the genus. Aquascape has my many thanks for giving us all the opportunity to be able to keep and enjoy dozens of different types of fish that we otherwise might not ever see other than a picture in a book or on the internet. Thank you Aquascape!

  Black mask
Dusty - Summit ms   (Saturday, June 7, 2014)

I'm more than happy with mine. I've had him little while now took him bout day to settle in and I added power head that night to 35 gallon he in now till I am done setting his 55 up he's close to 8 Inchs big one out group. This guy hits like a train. Took me little while to find out what like to eat. It will kill anything or tear its tail off. Super aggressive and I get now y it can only be kept in one tank mine just chill behind a tree deco but mainly set in center of tank like who wants to fight lol. I threw gold fish in at first killed it didn't eat it then minnows like from bait shop that's when he came alive ate 5 ha quick. Thank u Erwin these ppl know there fish and are great to deal with looking forward to next order getting some ruby reds which ever is most aggressive schooling piranha. Also another alligator gar and 2 reg payara. If u want a cool bad boy fish they have some alligator gars under odd balls they are awesome and get huge. But black mask is unreal thanks again Erwin always a pleasure dealing with u

  Black mask beast
Dusty - Miss   (Wednesday, May 28, 2014)

I'm very happy with my order got 10 red billies from them mont or so ago and they are monster and happy as can be. After seeing what the I can not spell it right same one we all just got it will bite u. What's impressive is my fedex guy didn't drop fish off till 5 that's 5 hrs over due time both my elogantas 7 in piranha who has not ate yet still adjusting ha only been little over 4 hrs since its trip got it a gold fish for when it decides to eat. I'm more than happy and mine also is going to have a 55 gallon to its self got patch a leak and let it run with power head few days got mine in. 40 gal with 2 duel power filters and he loves bubble curtains lol. Can't wait to see his eat. I already know once he settles it will be on. Thanks again also got 5 inch gator gar were I leave I caught these things and seen them in action and well over 8-10 ft long free diving in lakes. I'm gone wait and feed it pond minnows tom. Bout to go run my lights on black mask no pirnaha likes lights but I learned u can ease them into it also they don't mind LEDs as much long as not super bright.

  elongatus black mask
Scott chapman - USA....   (Sunday, August 5, 2012)

Really great elongatus black mask! Had to travel three hours to get him home, thanks Pedro for the awesome job packing him. I strongly recommend purchasing any fish from this shop.

  company overview
PROFFESSORPZ - SHARON, PA   (Tuesday, June 12, 2012)


Martin. S - USA   (Thursday, March 29, 2012)

With the Very Helpful service by Aquascapeonline. My BLK. Mask is doing Very well!!.. He's eating like a Champ and all his victims are gone with in 20 minutes. He is still semi-shy, but hopefully he'll come out of his shell. I am VERY Pleased with my order. Thank you for all the great Service. Best place I've ever bought fish from. My next fish with be a Ruby Red Spilo. Looking forward to him. Thank you again everyone at Aquascpae. I'll be buying fish from your business for a long time. I'm very satisfied. THANK YOU!!...I strongly recomend this Piranha highly to any Piranha owners. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

vue yang - USA   (Thursday, December 30, 2010)

shipping was less than 24 hours from the time i placed my order. the fins on the fish were a little bit beat up. but the fish is fine. ate 1 hour after putting in the tank. been 1 day now, doesnt chase finger yet..

  elongatus black mask
chuck - usa   (Tuesday, April 13, 2010)

Hello my name is chuck. I had to educate my self on youtube looking at the vids on these piranhas. I was so amazed what they do for a living being a brute or bully. I love these sharp razor teeth. I spoke to Ms. kathy at Aquascape. She educated me more and the service over the phone were great. I will in a couple of weeks bring 1 into wavecrest where i live. Probably the first 1 in the area with a Elongatus black mask.

  Black mask
Chris - USA   (Saturday, November 7, 2009)

At first he wasn't doing to good real stressed. Now that I've had him a while he's doing great real aggressive even attacks his own reflection!

  8'' ELONG
KING KONG - uSA   (Thursday, September 24, 2009)


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