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1. Marble Sailfin Catfish 2"
2. Compressus Piranha 3"-4" (Serrasalmus compressus )
3. Black Ghost Knife 3" (Apteronotus albifrons)
4. Alligator Gar 2"-3" (Atractosteus Spatula)
5. Flagtail Prochilodus 5"-6"
6. Leopard bush fish 3" (Ctenopoma Acutirostre)
7. African Tiger Fish 5"-6" (Hydrocynus Vittatus)
8. Zebra Danio Green Glo-Fish(glow in the dark)
9. Silver Cichlid 2" (Vieja Argentea)
10. Peacock Bass Azul 2.5"-3" (Cichla Piquiti)
11. Peacock Bass Kelberi (Bahia) 2.5"-3" (Cichla Kelberi)
12. Red Hump Geophagus (Red Head) 3" (Geophagus Steindachneri)
13. Geophagus Jurupari 6"-8" (Satanoperca Jurupari)
14. Tiger Shovelnose Catfish 3" (Pseudoplatystoma Fasciatum)
15. Redtail X Tiger Shovelnose 2-3" (Phractocephalus sp. hybrid)
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1. Nile Bichir 14"-15" (Polypterus bichir bichir)
2. Marbled African Lung Fish 8'' (Protopterus aethiopicus)
3. Slender African Lung Fish 8'' (Protopterus dolloi)
4. 4"-5" Hybrid Stingray 017 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
5. 4"-5" Hybrid Stingray 016 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
6. 4"-5" Hybrid Stingray 015 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
7. 4"-5" Hybrid Stingray 014 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
8. 4"-5" Hybrid Stingray 013 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
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10. 4"-5" Hybrid Stingray 001 (Potamotrygon Sp.)
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Product Reviews
fwf piranha serra altuvie 6 - Altuvei Piranha 3" (Serrasalmus Altuvei )
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Justin - Newport, NH   (Wednesday, October 04, 2017)

No need for apprehension! My Altuvei arrived perfectly healthy, packaged and rite on time. Two hours later I got a call from Aquascapes inquiring about the delivery and asking me if I had any questions. I was also told to call if any problems were to arise. These guys are great. This being my first piranha, I had many 'new guy' type questions. All were answered. Very courteous customer service. I highly recommend AquaScapeOnline

  Altuvei piranha
Mark - IA   (Friday, March 04, 2016)

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Aquascape is the best around. Just received my Altuvei. It came in perfect shape and the packaging was top notch. My collection consists of a black, black diamond and now Altuvei. Will be back to add a few more piranha. Thank you again Aquascape

Lisa Smiley - USA   (Wednesday, November 07, 2012)

I don't even have my Piranha and I'm excited! Great reviews means you're doing something right! I've wanted a Piranha for the longest and now I know who to order from! PEDRO!!

  Kool Altuvie Serra
Steve G. - US OF A   (Tuesday, May 01, 2007)

Every time i order from Pedro Over all Great job on the packing of the fish, A+. Said 'he was the meanest bastard in the barn!' Although pretty active at the moment, I Will update on the Altuvie after he settles in. Thanks Pedro!

  kick a
mike - Usa   (Thursday, March 15, 2007)

omg i want this fish i am so gunado my best to get this fish i want it soooooo bad. i already have 1 tank with a oscar red belly pacus. i wanted a extremly aggresive tank but this fish is PERFECT i am going to go get a 55 gall tank asap and i will be seeing u then for my fish

Scott - IL   (Saturday, July 15, 2006)

Hi Pedro,
Regarding the Altuvie Piranha, I would like a very large one. I have a 150 gal. tank already set up, it is currently still vacant, since my 14 inch Black Piranha I got from you died over several months ago, I really miss him...his name was 'Razor'. Pedro, please find me another very large Piranha. I would want it to be over 12 inches it must be very agressive and have large teeth you can clearly see.
Please call or email me as soon as you have this one, I want it. Thank you, P.S. If you have any other Serrasalmus that is over 12 inches, please contact me. Scott Gins

  Baddest fish on the planet
Jay - Jay   (Thursday, July 13, 2006)

Everyone at my office was buying japenese fighting for their office. I one ^ed them by purchasing this mean SOB. He is in a 15 gallon tank. Feeding time is a spectical were everyone files into my office to see Satans little helper rip apart anything a drop in the tank. First I started out small ... goldfish, other feeder fish etc. Now I drop in mice. It is the most brutal display of killing fury you will ever see from a fish. It shoots at his prey like a missle ripping chunks of flesh almost enjoying every strike at his prey. Once the poor bastard starts giving up and falling down to the bottom of the tank, the piranah goes into overdrive basically tearing it away to nothing. This fricking fish scares the hell out of me. The tank is near my computer and every once and a while I'll look over at it, point my finger at the tank and the fish charges the glass, fantisizing about ripping me to shreds. Buyer beware this is the meanest bastard you can get. I am dreading the first time I have to change the water and have to take this thing out of the tank. I need to purchase iron gloves becuz I am not fu**in around with this thing.

David - USA   (Sunday, January 15, 2006)

In reviewing my earlier post, you will notice that I got my altuvei from Pedro just about exactly a year ago.
He was 5.5 inches then, and is now slightly over 7 inches.
It took him awhile to settle in, but is now a beast!
Very aggressive.
Attacks the glass whenever my hand goes near it.
I'll be sitting by the tank in the evening and just casually raise my hand anywhere near the tank and he's there trying to bite.
Thanks again Pedro for such an awesome fish, I'll be contacting you in the future in regards to adding an elong to my collection.
Two thumbs enthusiastically up!

  David was right!
El Cato - The Moon, Space   (Tuesday, February 22, 2005)

Well done Pedro, as a moon-dweller, I never thought I would have my own Serrasalmus Altuvie piranha, and now I do! He arrived perfectly packaged!
He has now eaten three of my fingers, and has taken my cats entire leg off! Thank you Pedro!

  my altuvie piranha
mike mentessi - cleveland   (Sunday, February 06, 2005)

I received my fish about 2 weeks ago. its a cool looking fish, but all the fish does is hide behind a plant and never comes out. When i feed it a goldfish it may go afer it for a second but that it then it goes and hides again, i never saw it eat! I wanted a very agressive pirinha that why i bought this one. I am very very disapointed with my 125.00 purchase. I dont even enjoy looking at the tank becouse the fish doesn't even swim around. Is there anything i can do to make the fish and myself happier? Can i trade it in for a different piranha?
-Mike Mentessi

If your piranha is hiding and not eating there must be a reason it is acting that way. All the Altuvie I have in stock are very aggressive and attack any type of food as soon as it hits the water.
First, thing to do is make sure he is not sick. check for Ick or fungus, (white spots, white cotton like patches on the skin) If your fish has become sick that could be the reason he is acting odd.
Second, check your water quality make sure your tank in cycled, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, low nitrates, also check your ph it should be at 6.0 with a temperature of 78 degrees. 90% of the cases of piranhas not eating is due to poor water quality, Most piranhas are wild caught and have lived in excelent water quality all there lives (Amazon Basin) once you put them in a tank with poor water quality they get stressed out and will stop eating/hide all the time.
another reason (uncommon but, it happens) could be an electrical surge in your tank, if you have many electrical items in your aqurium (filters,powerheads, heaters,airpumps, uvs ect.)it can cause small amounts of electrical current in your water, Although its to small to affect us piranhas do sence the current and get stressed out over it. The best thing to do is ground the tank.
Double check all these parameters and if your piranha does not change and you are not 100% satisfied with your fish I will be more than happy to exchange him for you.

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