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Taking Pre-Orders On Red Belly Piranha! Get them now before we sell out on the new batch!
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Latest Stock Updates
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5. Black Wolf Fish 9"-10" (hoplias curupira)
6. Wild Oscars 2"-3" (Astronotus ocellatus) Columbian
7. Violet Line Piranha 4"-5"(Serrasalmus Geryi)
8. African Arowana 4"-4.5" (Heterotis niloticus)
9. Red Spilo 3"-4" (Serrasalmus Sanchezi)
10. Purple Spilo 5"-6" (Serrasamlus Sanchezi)
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Product Reviews
FwF Piranha Pygo Caribe 4 - Caribe Piranha 4"-5" (pygocentrus notatus)
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Number of reviews : 28
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  Caribe piranhas
Alec - USA   (Monday, November 18, 2019)

I had ordered 3 caribe piranhas back in June 2019 and also 4 red belly. Caribes were literally .75 of an inch and the 4 reds were .75-1 inch when I got them, at first when they were just little babies I put them in a 20 gallon long tank just until they got a solid inch or two out of all them seeing as my 55 gallon tank was 4 feet long and they were not even an inch yet lol one red belly died,surprisingly it was actually the biggest one so then at that point they were around 1.5 inches maybe 2 inches for the bigger ones so I put them in the 55 gallon tank where they still are now till I get another bigger tank. In just 5 months they are now at least 5 inches minus one red belly(I think the runt is a male) the biggest caribe in there is almost 6 inches by now and they are all beautiful esp the caribes. Weirdly enough I also have had 3 blue gills in with them since they were 1 inch long and they haven’t ate them yet lol the blue gills also steal the piranhas food right out from their mouths when it’s feeding time. I’m really starting to think the piranhas think the blue gills are piranhas too either that or they are part of the pack bc any other fish I put in there dies quickly. I did have 2 jack dimpseys with them but they both eventually were eaten. Caribes are definitely better then the red bellies as they aren’t nearly as skittish. I would definitely recommend buying the caribes over the red bellies. Eventually I’m planning on getting a 125-150 gallon tank in the next 3-4 months so they have more room to swim 🏊‍♀️ if you get these just prepare to upgrade the tank within the next 6 months as they don’t stay small for long at all. Especially if you buy them bigger then .75 inches long like I did.

  excellent service and packaging
steven @ ATH - United States   (Sunday, July 5, 2015)

Was a pure pleasure ordering my fish from aquascape...fish came on time and was expertly packaged. The staff is very helpful both when ordering your livestock and when you have post delivery questions. ..top notch service, would recommend this company to anyone. Thanks

  5 for $125 Caribe
Roland - USA   (Friday, August 1, 2014)

All five came pack secure in their own bag, wrapped in news paper,in another plastic bag, then all bagged together in one larger plastic bag placed in a fiberglass lined box. Extremely well packaged and quickly shipped. It's been a few weeks and every one of them is healthy and way less timid than the Red bellies I bought from here before.

Brandon L. - Nj   (Saturday, June 29, 2013)

Amazing little guys, i picked them up in the store and they really are just coming out of their shell! Less than 24 hours, and they are already attacking silversides as a group effort! Amazing guys!!!! Their color is amazing too, bright red with sparkly silver! Thanks Pedro and all of the aquascape staff!

  Great fish
Jim Guglielmo - USA   (Sunday, August 5, 2012)

I got two of these and I am ordering 2 more. The service is great. Nicole called me about 2 hours after I recieved the fish to make sure they were doing ok. They came packaged very well and they were in great shape when I got them. These 2 I have currently in a 60 gal tank with several other fish (2 Oscars, 2 freshwater moray eels, and several other smaller non agressive fish). I keep them fed and they do great with all the other fish.

jeff - usa   (Friday, March 27, 2009)

excellent service by aquascape, delivered as promised, 2 6inches caribes in good condition. highly recommended.

  caribe piranha
B. RAMOS - U.S.A.   (Wednesday, May 14, 2008)

I ordered 2 1 inch caribe's last summer,(my first p's ever!) they arrived mid day the next day in good condition.I was relieved when they fed the same night .I named them bloody mary and lola piranha. two days later my lola piranha was half eaten by bloody mary. sigh . bloody mary is about to turn 1 y.o. she's about 6.5 inches ,glittery silver deep red under her with a nice black spot behind her gills and a menacing smile. aquascapeonline delivered as promised. just remember to keep em solo or in a large group.

john c - beautiful caribe   (Wednesday, April 30, 2008)

once again..beautiful caribe and wonderful service!!you'll here from me again..thank you Bong and Dada...my two 5 inch caribe is getting along with my 6 three inch rbp!!!aquascape ROCKSSSSS!!!!

  cariba update
angel - US   (Sunday, December 23, 2007)

Just recently added my rbp with the rbc,only problem is the cariba stripped most of his tailfins off,he keeps bullying the 5' red yet the cariba is 4'.

  caribe A+++++
jason - recieved my 1 caribe   (Friday, November 23, 2007)

I recieved my 1 caribe and 2 red bellys 2 days ago and have to say i am impressed,from the way they were packed to the fish themselvs.aquascapeonline is the coolest website i have been to.thank you very much. jason.

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Baby Red Belly Piraha Bundle!!
10x .75"-1" Red Belly Piranha for $80.00!
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