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Latest Stock Updates
1. RedTail Catfish 2"-3" (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)
2. Alligator Gar 3" (Atractosteus Spatula)
3. Red Belly piranha .25"-.75" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
4. Featherfin Catfish 4" (Synodontis eupterus)
5. Piraya Piranha 3.5"-4" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
6. Goonch Catfish (bagarius yarrelli)
7. Marbled African Lung Fish 10'' (Protopterus aethiopicus)
8. Red Zebra Danio Glo-Fish(glow in the dark)
9. Additional OddBall Fish In Stock
10. Imagine Foam Insert 20
11. Imagine Foam Insert 30 3 PK
12. Imagine Foam Insert 30
13. Wide Bar/ Blue Hooks 2"-3" (Myleus Schomburgki)
14. Lapradei bichir 8"-10" (Polypterus Lapradei)
15. African Tiger Fish 3"-4" (Hydrocynus Vittatus)
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What's New
1. Piraya Piranha 4.5"-5" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
2. Copper Oscar 1.5"-2.5" (Astronotus ocellatus)
3. 5"-6" Hybrid Stingray Male 005 (Potamotrygon sp.)
4. 5"-6" Hybrid Stingray Male 004 (Potamotrygon sp.)
5. 5"-6" Hybrid Stingray Male 003 (Potamotrygon sp.)
6. 5"-6" Hybrid Stingray Male 001 (Potamotrygon sp.)
7. 5"-6" Hybrid Stingray Male 002 (Potamotrygon sp.)
8. Gulper Catfish 3"-4" (Asterophysus batrachus)
9. Peacock Bass 4"-5" (Cichla intermedia)
10. Gold Wolffish 4"-5" (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus)
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Product Reviews
fwf piranha pris wimple - Wimple Piranha 1.5"-2" (Catoprion mento)
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  Wimple Piranha
John - USA   (Tuesday, April 26, 2011)

Pedro packaged them exceptionally and they arrived safe and sound. Many thanks! These little piranhas are AMAZING! I now have nine Catoprion mentos roaming their tank, and not the least bit shy. They swarm towards me at my presence, and shoal when it's feeding time. I have them eating TetraCichlid flakes even though they will devour anything which they ought able. They have very EXOTIC profiles, and are extremely enjoyable! Here's my recommendation - GET THEM QUICKLY as they are not often available!

  Wimple Piranha
Juan - Juan   (Monday, August 13, 2007)

Gr8 Fish. Awesome looking. They are a bit shy. I had to get rid of all my other fish because they where munching on their scales and a few of them died. So I feed them guppies that they swallow whole. I also give them goldfish that they scale. Kinda sad, but awesome fish.

  Wimple Piranha
Sean - USA   (Monday, August 6, 2007)

Super Cool Fish!! Came in looking great! Nice Piranha that stays small. More of a scale eater, have to be a little careful with tankmates, like Exodons they will scale tankmates....A TRUE exotic!

  Wimple Piranha
Rick - USA   (Thursday, April 12, 2007)

A beautiful fish a bit more timid than i expected, i have 2 and they are getting bullied around by my med. tinfoil barbs. But a great fish thanks aqua scape.

  Wimple Piranha
jeff - usa   (Friday, September 1, 2006)

As usual perfect fish for those of us who collect exotics. Thanks Aqua Scape.

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Red Belly Piranha Babies
12.00 ea 10 For 100.00 Special
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