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Product Reviews
fwf odd gar allig - Alligator Gar 9"-10" (Atractosteus Spatula)
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Number of reviews : 16
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  Alligator gar
Dusty - Summit ms   (Monday, June 9, 2014)

I can shine some light one these guys I'm from south miss and I grew up around these guys huge one 8 ft and more in lakes. I got 10 red billies pirnaha and a 8 inch black mask. Gars only one acted like he would bite. Never seen mine eat but he does a lot. They grow very fast no matter tank size I'm gone get one more and 2. 5-6 payara the bad boys but will have to move gar hopefully by then gars cause they grow super fast. They eat anything and don't get along with smaller fish unless can hold its on. I've caught them. 6 ft and more fishing. Can't wait to get my other one got mine at 6 Inchs he already pushing 8 in 35 gallon can't wait see him eat they get along perfect with own kind that's y in putting then armitutis saber tooth payara with them 4 total and end of summer putting them in 120 long cause both get huge once they get big keep lights on much as u can get them use to u cause they will break threw glass once good size not mean but don't play around. Not mean as my black mask but any questions Erwin can help or I can I been round them my whole life.

  My alligator gar
ernest jackson - berkeley,ca   (Thursday, April 17, 2014)

My fish arrived healthy and In good shape oct30th. He is now 21' long. He eats minnows,frozen blood worms and mice.

Guillermo Perez - Houston   (Friday, April 4, 2014)

Excellent fish healthy and eatting well

  -Fine Specimen
Mr.Darren Nelson - CA   (Tuesday, December 17, 2013)

I was a little wary of them arriving well..But mine looked just like the picture. Color, form, health all good...and a bit bigger than was advertised. I needed something that could stand up to my baby oscar though these fish aren't particularly aggressive...they have teeth. And once my gar took a piece of the oscars ass...he gave him space.

  alligator gar
michael slater - Texas   (Friday, January 8, 2010)

interesting, this fish appears to have a lure appendage at the top edge of its tailfin. It's a great fish for display as it tends to remain at the top level of the aquarium and is very attractive looking.

  Alligator Gar
T powell - in my aquarium   (Sunday, October 4, 2009)

showed up flawless! ate right out the bag. he is in a 300+ with buddies! Lady on the phone was a sweetheart,& pedro keeped to his word shape of fish!

  Alligator Gar
John - Atlanta   (Sunday, July 19, 2009)

I have two alligator gar. I got both for $100.00. They are voracious eaters. They are 13-15 inches in length and are very intriguing. They are a bit timid at times but very aggressive. I actually have them in the Tank with large craw fish and other than an occasional nip, they co-exist pretty good.

  Hungry Fella
Richard - Florida   (Friday, July 17, 2009)

As soon as I dropped him in the tank he immediatly started eating the guppies that I had in there... I asked for one of the bigger ones and I belive I got one... at least an inch bigger than the described length... Awsome fish, Awsome experiance!! Thanks!

  the fish
alligator gar - USA   (Sunday, April 19, 2009)

look i have been trying to get a alligator gar for like two months but no one has any until i went on this web site and found it. luckily it was cheaper than i expected. when i got it was a little stressed but the next day it was devouring everything that went in the tank including my finger LOL but it didnt hurt now i know why they get so big so fast in the wild any way i would recommend this website to anyone looking to purchase any exotic and hard to find fish and fish supplies. so sure i am very happy with this website which by the way has great shipping speed and service

Junior - NETHERLANDS   (Wednesday, March 4, 2009)

Ife got 1 2 !! Nice Fish to keep they make nice moves ! make sure there is air in the bag .
this fish gets his air from the atmosphere ! .

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