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New Arrivals- Arapaima, Golden Dorado (Salminus Maxillosus), Baby Black Piranhas, Elongatus Piranha,
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Latest Stock Updates
1. Dorado 3"-4" (salminus maxillosus)
2. Arapaima Gigas 3.5"-5" (Arapaima Gigas)
3. Elongatus Piranha 2" (Serrasalmus Elongatus)
4. Baby Black Piranha Peru 1" (Serrasalmus Rhombeus)
5. Mbu Puffer 8"-9" (Tetraodon mbu)
6. Giant Gourami (Osphronemus goramy) 3"-4"
7. Fire Eel 24"-30" (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia)
8. RedTail Catfish 2"-3" (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)
9. Manuelli Piranha 7"-8" (Serrasalmus Manuelli)
10. African Pike 5"-6" (Hesetus Odoe)
11. Dovii Cichlid (Wolf) 2"-3" (Parachromis dovii)
12. Red Zebra Danio Glo-Fish(glow in the dark)
13. Additional OddBall Fish In Stock
14. Wolf Fish 4"-5" (Hoplias Malabaricus)
15. Polypterus Senegalus 7"-8" (Polypterus senegalus)
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What's New
1. Ruby Red Spilo 2"-3" (Very Agressive) Hard to Get
2. Manuelli Piranha 5"-6" (Serrasalmus Manuelli)
3. Tigrinus Catfish 4" (Merodontotus Tigrinus)
4. Albino Synodontus Multipunctatus 3"-4"
5. Luteus Pleco 14" Phase 2
6. Platinum RedTail Catfish 2"-3" (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)
7. Granulosus Catfish 2" (Synodontis Granulosus)
8. Piraya Piranha 5"-5.5" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
9. Hybrid Stingray 5"-6" Male 3 (Potamotrygon sp.)
10. Hybrid Stingray 5"-6" Female 4 (Potamotrygon sp.)
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Product Reviews
fwf piranha serra gibbus1 - Gibbus Piranha 5" (Serrasalmus Gibbus)
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Number of reviews : 11
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  gibbus piranha
chad - smith   (Thursday, February 16, 2012)

i just got my gibbus in today right at 10:15 sharp...it looked lively and tough lookin...rite now its very skittish...and hes not used to his tank yet..its only his first day in the tank....soon i as i went away from tank..i had 2 guppies in there...and theyve disappeared when it was only in the tank for few hours i have a very good feeling that itll come outta its shell within few weeks and itll become a destroyer...over all packaging and shipping was great the fish came in 15 mins sooner than i expected...i will post another review and make sum videos soon my gibbus starts to be aggressive again and i wanna say thanks for all the people responsible for bringing this fish to america and makin this possible...thanks again to you all...oh by the way this fish is gonna be spoiled lol

M - USA   (Thursday, June 30, 2011)

Update: When I got my gibbus from aquascape 2 years ago, it was about 3 inches. I put it in a 72 gallon tank alone, and for the next year and a half all it did for the most part was hide behind a rock. It was always hardy and healthy looking and it was always fairly aggressive as far as attacking feeders and eating, which was noticeable by the few scraps left behind, but it rarely ate in front of people or with any lights on, and wasn't very active in the tank otherwise either. Well I'm happy that just in the past 4 months, the thing has finally come out of its shell and is finally actively swimming around and patrolling the tank. Since the roughly 2 years have gone by since I got the fish, it has grown to about 5 inches and has bulked up a bit. It's also pretty mean looking with big eyes and is not a picky eater or afraid to eat in front of people. So I'm glad I got the fish but man did it take a while for it to come out of hiding and overcome it's shyness. Maybe this species just gets more aggressive when they're bigger and older though. I was almost ready to give up on this sucker and sell it or something but i'm glad I didn't now. Thing's a nasty beast.

  3' Gibbus
Mac - USA   (Wednesday, September 16, 2009)

Got my 3' Gibbus a few weeks ago after waiting forever for Pedro to get them in stock. Rare fish. The young gibbus looks very similar to a young peru rhom, except the body is more elongated. I like to think of it as a half rhom/half elongatus. Very aggressive fish, even more aggressive than most of the rhoms I've owned. Active swimmer and fun to watch. Shreds whatever is thrown into the tank. Glad to finally own one of these species, thanks Bong, Pedro, Kathy for picking a nice fish and packaging it well so it arrived in good health.

  must get
money - us   (Friday, May 15, 2009)

this fish is not shy at all
one of the most aggrassive piranha i own by now

  S. Gibbus
Jonny - USA   (Friday, May 4, 2007)

arrived today in perfect condition. FEDEX was actually an hour early this time (2 hours late on the last delivery) The Gibbus is beautiful and seems to be bigger than the 4-5' he was sold as :) Great packaging and a great piranha....well done AS and thank you very much. I look forward to doing more business with you guys!

Russ - Galloway Twp   (Friday, April 27, 2007)

This fish are no JOKE. One of the most agressive fish I have ever seen. Anyone who wants a single very agressive fish, this is it. Thanks Alex and Aqua Scape.

Jizzano Magnolini - Hyphee land   (Tuesday, April 24, 2007)

You guys could check out my fish on YOUTUBE.com just type in GIBBUS on the search bar & check out how aggresive this fish really is.

Russ - Galloway Twp NJ   (Friday, April 20, 2007)

Alex, the fish seems to be just fine. He ate several Rosy Reds and a piece of Beef heart. He has begun to swim around checking out his new enviroment. Not shy at all. Still hides some under the bog wood. Thanks for the advise. I enjoy talking to a person who knows fish. Also he has big teeth for a five inch fish and a huge mouth too.

JON-O - Magnolini   (Thursday, March 29, 2007)

As soon as I opened the box that he was in for more than 12 hours it was itching to get out. Put him in, thru 2 small feeders & attacked them both as soon as it got focus of them in one fluid motion, crazy! Very active fish, doesn't flinch when i approch, acctually tried to hit my brothers fingers thru the glass. Just stares at you. Much thanx to Alex & Pedro! I will be putting more orders soon. O, These are suppose to be rare & hard to get a hold of, so $125 was well worth it.

Dennis - USA   (Saturday, March 10, 2007)

Thank Alex for helping me with my Shipping... Came A LOT faster then when I do It online. I Think this fish is ging to grow up to be a beautiful fish... I split the tank. O think im going to get a Manuelli next.. I already have a Elong... I want the Black mask also. You guys should really put a photo gallery for all the fish people have bought from you.

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