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Taking Pre-Orders On Red Belly Piranha! Get them now before we sell out on the new batch!
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Product Reviews
FwF Piranha pygo piraya 4 - Piraya Piranha 3"-4" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
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Number of reviews : 21
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Nessa - US   (Monday, March 9, 2020)

Just want to write a review of the Piraya, as I haven’t purchased yet, but owned one of these magnificent fish for around 13 years. Big Boss Man was one of my most beloved pets, since the day I brought him home from the pet store, when he bit a hole in the bag on the short walk home. Over the years he grew from a 2in juvie into a nearly foot long fat boy, raised on feeder fish, which he would eat bags of at a time. Over time I was able to bond with him, to the point that I would stick my hand in to pet him, which he loved. He ruled his tank, but shared it for years with an equally sized plecostomus, never showing him aggression. Watching him eat was amazing! He often would attack the bags the fish were acclimating to the water in, ripping them open to get at the feeders. At night you would often hear loud explosive attacks in the tank and in the morning there may be a fish head or two floating. The power he had when full grown was startling! Just an amazing fish overall and the most expressive one I’ve ever owned, full of character. I miss him all the time, even though it’s been some years and finding more of his type here has me wanting to buy and raise another big boss, all over again! I recommend these to anyone looking for a piranha, without question.

justin - usa   (Thursday, November 7, 2019)

Skiddish Skiddish Skiddish! And yes my water is good. Must have plenty of places to hide at 3'-4'. If you like to look at what appears to be an empty tank get this fish at 3'-4' or any other small piranha for that matter. I'd suggest the tank be set up in a quiet, low activity area of the home initially. It Only comes out of hide if room is so dark you can't see. The light from this laptop just caused it to dart around tank and slam itself into the sides, and I'm sitting 15 feet away! A few days ago I put a single zebra danio in the tank and the piraya was so terrified it stress swam, back and forth for most of the day without rest until the danio was removed. Once the danio was removed the piraya settled down and vanished back to its usual hiding spot.
Aquascape was great to do business with. The piraya arrived in fairly good health other than it never has been able to rest vertically, its always at a constant 45 degree tilt to it's left. Its lower jaw was also torn. I'm assuming this was from the delivery process? The FedEx driver will unknowingly handle the box as if it contains a soccer ball. Unfortunately If the box is labelled 'live animal' some asshole at the distribution facility who hates his job and how his life turned out will inevitably shake it or toss it intentionally.
I've owned several piranha. The one I enjoyed the most was a red belly that I got at 1' for $5 and raised it to about 7'. At any length It was not nearly as timid as this piraya. (Can fish have individual personalities?) In fact, once the tank it was in leaked, So I placed the red belly temporarily with my equal in size sarrasalmus altuvie I also got from aquascapes, (another supposed 'bad ass fish'). The next morning I woke up to a little, glittery, silver and white chunk, about an inch square floating in the corner. It turned out to be the only portion of the altuvie the red belly spared! My point in all of this, Aquascape will send you exactly what you order. However don't expect any small piranha to be anything other than a very timid fish until it matures. Be patient, don't expect to much from it early on. Let it grow and keep the lights low. (That's what she said) and possibly it will one day act like the piranha you've been watching on YouTube.

  Pygo Piraya
Mitch - Livonia, MI   (Tuesday, November 28, 2017)

Took delivery of four 3' piraya in Jan. of '17. Simply gorgeous fish! One problem tho, these are not schooling fish! No matter what anyone says! As a various species piranha keeper for 45 years I know how to raise piranha. It's now 11-28-17 and there's only one left. these SOB's are mean! Crazy mean! They were raised in a 220 gal tank so there was more than enuff room. Within 4 months 'King S**thead' as I call him, wiped out all competition. He's just over 8' now and I cannot put my arm into the bottom of this 30' deep tank to adjust plantings etc without a spotter as he's bum rushed me a few times. He gets really pissy and agitated when I pull a chair in front of the tank and just stare at him...he'll charge the front glass to try and scare me off, it's pretty funny, really. He's quite the brute and his coloring is stunning.

brian - rockford,il   (Saturday, July 1, 2017)

have ordered many piraya,caribe,black rohms from here always good service as always thanks

Justin - USA   (Wednesday, November 16, 2016)

As a new customer of aquascape, my main concern was the delivery and subsequent health and look of my new piranha. Boy, was all that worrying for NOTHING! This was the best possible experience I could have asked for. This fish is beautiful. It is already active after just a few hours acclimation. The packaging was exceptional. The delivery time was as promised. If you are skeptical or worried about buying online from aquascape, HAVE NO FEAR. I am super pleased with the whole process. THANK YOU!!!!

jake - minnesota   (Saturday, October 8, 2016)

waited for like 6 yrs for them to come in and they did I order my fish. best store online I'm super happy thanks

Charles fish - USA   (Friday, January 22, 2010)

All i Can Say is Wow! i drove 2 hours to get to this store and was blown away by how many diffrent kinds of piranha he kept. i bought 24 healthy piranha and got one extra.. now thats a deal! Will do business again! thanks pedro.

Amanda - USA   (Wednesday, January 6, 2010)

Beautiful fish. Excellent quality, excellent packaging and wonderful service. You will not find fish of this quality with any other online store. This is one gorgeous fish worth every cent!

tony - usa   (Saturday, June 27, 2009)

fish are healthy and just beautiful all the way around, no fear at all of me, went straight for the feeders within 30 seconds of hitting the water.best piranha store on the planet!

Manuel - pacman   (Tuesday, December 16, 2008)

I ordered a pacman about 3 to 4 months ago and it is the nicest piranha i ever had it is extremely aggressive will chase your finger around and will not tolerate any other piranha including pirayas thanks alot!

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