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Latest Stock Updates
1. L-02 Clown Pleco 1.5"-2"
2. Snowball Pleco LDA-33 2"-3" (Baryancistrus sp)
3. Wide Bar/ Blue Hooks 4"-5" (Myleus Schomburgki)
4. Clown Loach 2" (Chromobotia macracanthus)
5. L-128 Blue Phantom Pleco 6" (Hemiancistrus sp.)
6. Red Tail Blue Botia 2" (Yasuhikotakia Modesta)
7. Gulper Cat 5"-6" (Asterophysus batrachus)
8. Yellow Labs 2" (Labidochromis caeruleus)
9. Red Terror Cichlid 3"-4" (Wild)(Amphilophus festae )
10. Additional OddBall Fish In Stock
11. Wallago Leerii 16"-18"
12. Marble Pike Cichlid 5"-6" (Crenicichla Marmorata)
13. Black Wolf Fish 5" (hoplias curupira)
14. Heckel Discus 4"
15. Jardini Arowana 5"-6" (Scleropages Jardini)
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1. Peacock Bass 2" (Cichla intermedia)
2. Gold Wolffish 4"-5" (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus)
3. Gold Wolffish 3"-4" (Hoplerythrinus unitaeniatus)
4. Black Wolf Fish 10"-12" (hoplias curupira)
5. Black Wolf Fish 9"-10" (hoplias curupira)
6. Wild Oscars 2"-3" (Astronotus ocellatus) Columbian
7. Violet Line Piranha 4"-5"(Serrasalmus Geryi)
8. African Arowana 4"-4.5" (Heterotis niloticus)
9. Red Spilo 3"-4" (Serrasalmus Sanchezi)
10. Purple Spilo 5"-6" (Serrasamlus Sanchezi)
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Product Reviews
fwf odd shark hifin - Chinese Sailfin Shark 3"-4" (Myxocyprinus asiaticus)
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Number of reviews : 5
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  Hi Fin
Michael - So Cal   (Sunday, June 11, 2006)

I have a back yard pond of about 1100 gallons and have koi, shubunkins, wakins and 4 hifins. They swim with the other fish to the shallow end for algae munching and they all get along very well.

  hignfin sucker
marlon - australia   (Saturday, May 13, 2006)

love the fish only found one in a petshop $180.00 for 2.5inch fish

  g8 fish hard to find
ben - Boston   (Sunday, February 19, 2006)

i like to buy small and grow nice place to look for deals

  sailfin shark
seth - united states   (Tuesday, January 3, 2006)

Excellent service i received it the very next day. I would highly recomend buying from this site A+ quality and service.

Helder - NJ   (Monday, March 7, 2005)

I was at Aquascape and Pedro has a shoal of the Chinese Sailfin Shark in a large tank. They are gorguese fish. If anyone has the space I would definitely recommend getting a shoal (4 to 5) of these. Pedro also has several fish available that he doesn't have online, call him uo some of the fish are very hard to find and they lool very nice..

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10x .75"-1" Red Belly Piranha for $80.00!
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