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New Arrivals- Manuelli Piranha, Xingu Rhoms, Hybrid Stingrays and Black Diamond Stingrays
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Latest Stock Updates
1. Flagtail Prochilodus 5"-6"
2. Red Belly Piranha 7" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
3. Red Belly piranha 1.5" Wild from Peru (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
4. Red Belly piranha 1" (Pygocentrus Nattereri)
5. Miurius Puffer 2" (Tetradon Miurus)
6. Super Red Severums 3"-3.5" (Heros severus)
7. Diamond Black Piranha Xingu River 8"
8. Piraya Piranha 2.5"-3" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
9. African Pike 5"-6" (Hesetus Odoe)
10. Mbu Puffer 3"-4" (Tetraodon mbu)
11. Electric Catfish 5"-6" (Malapterurus electricus)
12. Cuban Cichlid 3"-4" (Cichlasoma Tetracanthus)
13. Lemon Oscar 5"-6" (Astronotus ocellatus)
14. Dovii Cichlid (Wolf) 2"-3" (Parachromis dovii)
15. Red High fin Wolf Fish 4"-5" (Erythrinus erythrinus)
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What's New
1. Albino Synodontus Multipunctatus 3"-4"
2. Luteus Pleco 14" Phase 2
3. Platinum RedTail Catfish 2"-3" (Phractocephalus hemioliopterus)
4. Granulosus Catfish 2" (Synodontis Granulosus)
5. Blue Diamond Piranha 3" (Serrasalmus Rhombues)
6. Piraya Piranha 5"-5.5" (Pygocentrus Piraya)
7. Copper Oscar 1.5"-2.5" (Astronotus ocellatus)
8. Hybrid Stingray 5"-6" Male 3 (Potamotrygon sp.)
9. Hybrid Stingray 5"-6" Female 4 (Potamotrygon sp.)
10. Hybrid Stingray 5"-6" Male 1 (Potamotrygon sp.)
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Product Reviews
fwf piranha serra Spilo purple - Purple Spilo 3"-4" (Serrasamlus Sanchezi)
Average rating :
Number of reviews : 27
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  my purple
austin - pittsburgh   (Thursday, October 24, 2013)

as alway if i could give 10 stars what a beautiful fish. he shipped in fine. if you guys ever get the chance to go to the store i recomend it more ps than anywhere else ive ever been, these people know what they are talking about. they are friendly and helpful. your the best nicole and pedro and thanks again for supporting my addiction

Jay - US   (Monday, February 8, 2010)

I got the purple spilo in great shape. He is really nice looking and I love the purple shine. Great fish. Thanks.

  Purple Spilo
Brian - NW   (Friday, December 25, 2009)

I ordered 4 and after Fed Ex's goof they showed up 5 hours late,a bit beat up, fins bitten, but the most damage was the ammonia sickness. A week later they are in great shape. Fins and amonia damage is clearing up. 2 with personalities already, 1 real shy and another off and on. Great Fish expensive shipping!

  purple spilo
jamal - usa   (Thursday, July 2, 2009)

my purple spilo was in good shape when it came in...this was about my 3rd order..never had a problem yet...

Jim - usa   (Tuesday, March 17, 2009)

I rec'ved my piranha very quickly and the fish were very healthy in a self-heated box with enough water for them to survive the trip. They look like angel fish only they have an attitude. LOL! Got to love the piranha.

  Cool Fish
Mike - USA   (Thursday, February 19, 2009)

I got my purple spilo last week. It was shipped well but the fish had some fin rot. The fish died 3 days after it was received. I was a little disappointed. I got a Gold piranha and 6 reds at the same time and those were all healthy and are doing fine. The purple spilo was a cool looking fish with neat colors but really not all that active as far as its temperment. I still like doing business with aquascape but I wish there was a little better return policy for sick or dead fish.

  Purple Spilo
Andrew - Spilo   (Saturday, October 27, 2007)

Awesome service! I called on friday at 4 pm and ordered my fish, and he was at my house at 9:30 the next morning. Right out of the box he was swimming around. He's calmed down some now, and is taking his time to acclimate to the tank. I highly recommend AquaScape!

eric - Va   (Thursday, April 19, 2007)

well he arrived on time, i was at school so i had my mom put him in my tank, and cut the light out. it took him 3 days to get used to the new enviornment, and the 4th day i woke up & flicked on the light, and i had 1 out of 3 gold fish in there. now he attacks as soon as fish hit the water, as he matures you can see his purple scales stand out. he has been named mr.mean, for a reason. thanks to aquascape for a great fish.

  Purple Spilo
ghdiaz - spilo   (Monday, March 26, 2007)

it took a little time to get delivered because we were playing phone tag, cause tha time differance and i work. when i got tha fish it didnt look as nice as tha pic, but still looked coo, pritty quit fish, just chillz in tha cave till itz hungry then comez out 2 eat(i put 3 feeder fish in wit him wedz and 2day im off 2 tha store for more) and 2 albino sucker fish that it hasant touched YET, over all im goin to do more biz wit aqua scape. they have great pricez and once we got tha delivery all worked out it waz n my tank tha next day.

  purple spilo
travis - purple spilo   (Thursday, March 15, 2007)

still great fish, had 2 and came home today to find one of them half eaten, guess the other one doesnt like roomates..lol

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Red Belly Piranha Babies
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